Adjusted working day (working on a Saturday) - do govenment offices and banks follow it?

Alot of companies have their workers in today (Saturday 5th), so that they can take Friday 11th off, giving workers a 4 days weekday.

Please help confirm - will banks, household registration office, and NIA office be open on Thursday 11th? Or is everything closed and the day behaves the same as a public holiday?

They are all open.

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Sorry to clarify - do you mean they are open today (Saturday) and will be closed Friday?

Or that they are closed today and will be open Friday?

Edited: meant to write Friday

They are all closed on Thursday Oct 10
They are all open Friday Oct 11


According to this calender published from Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, government offices seem to be closed on Oct 11, so that they are open today.


No they are open today and will be closed next Thursday and Friday.