Adopt Teddy

Please consider giving Teddy a loving lifelong home.

Teddy used to be a street cat. Then he got hit by a car/scooter as so many streets cats do. Fortunately, he was rescued. He was taken to a government shelter which sent him to a vet to get surgery to repair his broken leg. His time at the vet is almost running out. Then he will be returned to the government shelter where he will remain locked in a cage. So we are trying hard to find Teddy a great home. As you can see, he is a very chilled cat. He loves to be hand fed and being petted. Please consider adopting Teddy.


Saw this on FB. Then saw someone post up a Siamese that immediately got a bunch of people clamoring to adopt.

Is it a male?

I’m not sure it’s good to have 2 male cats in the same household… they may end up fighting over territory.

Not as long as you introduce them properly. I have two male cats and they like to cuddle.

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How’s the leg now? can the cat walk? How does it look? I don’t want to come across as superficial but these factors may be important…

Already covered by fur. No mobility issues. Just a bit fearful but that´s understandable.

Give him a window to look out for birdies and a few sofas to jump on and that´s all the therapy he needs.

Where is it located?

PM for details. Currently can be viewed at a vet in Tianmu.

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