Adopting a cat in Taipei

Hey everyone,

I am looking to adopt a cat for a while now but it seems they make it very difficult with multiple house visits, especially when it’s about foreigners. I don’t plan to leave Taiwan, have experience with cats (mother is a vet) and i have everything in my house that a cat needs.

Would be great if I could get some insight or even better if someone has a kitten that needs a permanent home.
I am living in Wenshan on the Green Line.


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This was actual in november, not sure if they found a new home already:


Calling @icon

I recommend you try:

ACT Taiwan
Mary’s doggies
Crazycat NPV

Local pounds like Zhonghe, Xindian or Yilan, even Taipei

All have plenty and varied cats looking for a home.

Now, actually we do not perform multiple visits, there is not that much manpower but here in Taiwan adopted cats must stay indoors, so your place must be cat escape proof. That’s all.

We also recommend adopting two cats so they can keep each other company and with less behavioral issues.


Cats have to stay indoors at all times? Why? I just realised I have never seen a cat outside in Taiwan.
Well maybe one or two, but not many.

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At least the ones you adopt from the associations or shelters, yes, indoors only. The owner must commit to that or no deal.

Cats that are allowed outdoors are in danger of contracting diseases, traffic accidents and horrible crazy people. We are responsible for their well being since we took them out of the streets to avoid such an ugly fate. Irresponsible owners may allow their cats to roam -which you have seen I am sure- but the association will take the cat away based on the contract signed if an adopted cat is seen outdoors.

Same with desexing.


But don’t the cats want to go out? Is it ok for them to stay indoors every day? I’m just thinking of my mate’s cat in the Uk when I was a kid. It would go out every night and come back in the morning. I’ve never had a cat so I don’t have a clue.

Cats value safety above all. Their environment should be enriched. A window, playing with their favorite human, a bookcase to climb. It is easy to make them happy. They are domestic animals, deeply attached to their human.

And if you adopt a cat, you want to keep them safe. Outdoors ain’t it. And you sign a contract.


Some current candidates for adoption


Mama Mia … those eyes melt my heart … if only we did not have 3 rescues already …


They are still crazy and they pissed me off last summer when I approached two of them. I probably had the same experience than the op, probably with some of those you listed.

My recommendation is to look for it on Facebook and similar.

sounds pretty strange, are pets in Taiwan actually must be kept indoor?

Thanks a lot for the quick replies! From which shelter are these three from? (Specifically, the middle one)? Thanks again!

Lets put it this way, its much safer for them indoors, or at least on a leash or held when out. Let them roam and it may not end well for animal or human owner.

Won’t end well for the human owner? What will happen?

The cat karma will get you.

We adopted some local cats from Shelter in Taichung, no mention of keeping indoors, and certainly would not even consider that. All animals, including humans need fresh air, and sunlight. Without such basic essentials these poor cats will NOT be healthy, either physically or mentally.

Our cats come and leave the house mostly at there own choice. We have a neighbor with 6 cats - same deal with them (they have a cat flap)

One word of warning though - we have a neighbor of catches cats in a tap (like a large mouse trap - without collar he sends them to ‘somewhere’ - not sure if that is legal or not, but surely very unethical and immoral.

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What all animals don’t need however, is human-domesticated animals running about killing them. That is not healthy for them or good for them physically or mentally.

I agree it’s ideal if they can get out, but only in an enclosure or on a lead. Cats left to roam will decimate local bird populations, pick up diseases and parasites, and generally live much shorter lives.

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We got 2 from the Taipei animal shelter, no home visits, something like NT$ 250 per cat with a years health insurance included. They have 100s there but one thing we did was make sure we got two from the same cage so they already knew each other. They are doing great - have a basket in our room which they sleep in each night and are doing really well.

Best way to find about the cats they have is to use facebook and search for 臺北市動物之家