Adoption for Buffy

My family is migrating to Australia, but my son and I have stayed behind for an additional year to find a home for our dog, Buffy. She is a Maltese-poodle cross and is very loving. She’s basically a perfect lap dog.

Buffy is our third rescue dog after Spike and Angel, who both went to homes of people who fell in love with them. My mother-in-law, who we will be living with until we get on the property ladder, does not want dogs in her house, so I cannot send Buffy over to Australia.

If anyone is interested in giving her a loving home, please PM me. I will be getting her teeth done next week as well as her vaccinations.

She will come with a large cage, carrying bag, beds, and other stuff. I am set to leave Taiwan next July, but I don’t want this to be done at the last second. I want to ensure she has as good a home as possible.

Again, PM me if you are interested. I live in Dansui.


Where are you located and how old is she? Also can we see a pic?

I have PMed you.

My PM does not appear to have sent. Here is the pic. She is getting a cut tomorrow.


Omg she’s cute! Is she an Indoor dog?

Yes, she’s an indoor dog.

I think the problem may be that you can’t send a PM until you’ve been a user for a certain period of time.

She looks like a sweetie. I’d love to have her but it seems FJJ has beaten me to it :pleading_face:

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It seems she’s available again. If you’re still interested, let me know.

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Hi… my daughter is looking for a dog to adopt. Perhaps we can help.


@zlick45 please do tell us if Buffy found a new home!

I am sorry that it took so long to answer, but yes, she has found a very loving new home.

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