Adoption for Raven

We have a difficult dog adoption on our hands. The situation is becoming urgent.

We rescued Raven a year ago, he’d been living wild on a piece of farmland, and was being fed by a few people. Then one day he turned up badly injured, close to dying, the vet thinks he was attacked by another pack of dogs.

They couldn’t save part of a back leg, the bone was infected, and they had to amputate.
That wound didn’t heal until July, but he’s now a very healthy dog - gets around very well.

Since then, we’ve been taking care of him, but we can’t continue to do that. Family circumstances.

He’s a good dog, very loyal. Has some mistrust of strangers, and barks at them. But it’s in fear, not anger. He’s not bitten anybody since I’ve known him. He’d appreciate an outdoors situation, maybe a farm or similar, where he’s not going to be too lonely or chained up.

If anyone can help, or give some advice on where he can live, please let me know.
The situation is becoming urgent (repeat :grinning:)

Here are before and after pics.


He looks like a really good boye. Hope he finds a loving forever home!

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Thanks. He’s a good dog. He had a tough puppyhood, but he’s getting there.

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What is he like around other dogs and cats?

Very exciteable around cats, not recommended.
Good around other dogs.

Completed all food training tasks

Can see his amputated back foot in top 2 pics. In the middle pic it might look like he’s lost a front paw too, but it’s just in motion and bent back

1227 - Raven 01 1227 - Raven 02 1227 - Raven 03

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Raven update. He’s found a great new home down south in Hualien County. It couldn’t be much better for him. Very thankful.

Got no response from here on Forumosa, I think the Adoption section was more active 10 years ago or so. But also, a 3-legged tu gou is not the easiest dog to re-home.


Different crowd, and like me I have 4 dogs, all rescues.

Adoption in Taiwan appears to be more complicated than it could be.

We ‘applied’ for adoption through a local center that had everything in English and required a listing of nearest vet, home condition, etc. I never received a response (perhaps I was denied!) to the request or to come visit their center (out near Danshui or dinner such place) though receive occasional requests for donations.

When I ask people I know, everybody says they simply buy from pet shops but I’ve been trying to avoid that if possible. I’ve seen a few local organizations but if anybody has a center they particularly like, let me know.