ADSL and phone/Netmeeting?

Hi all,
Is anybody with Chunghwa’s ADSL service successfully using an Internet phone service (like the ones you can dial through MS Messenger and IPhoneHere or stuff like that) or Netmeeting to contact people overseas (particularly in the States)?

Chunghwa don’t seem to be able to give me a straight answer. Today they claim that these services don’t work on ADSL. Doesn’t seem likely but I can’t deny it outright either. (It does make me wonder what the engineer who spent 3.5 hours in my house in March was playing at, if none of the programs he was trying over and over were expected to work with ADSL in the first place…!)

Anyway, after getting the run-around from them (“there’s no problem here”, “Well, there is a problem but we can’t find it”, “We’ll have somebody out Saturday morning”, “Oh, sorry, the engineer had ‘shiqing’ on Saturday morning so didn’t show up”, “Oh, after a week your file is erased” etc. etc.) I went across the road to Taiwan Fixed Network and am now hoping that they provide service in my area. They offer ADSL, by the way…I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


I’m not a PC, but do use Hinet ADSL. I’ve been trying to get a program called Mac2Phone (PC equiv. is, unsurprisingly, called PC2Phone) with only partial success.

I can successfully connect to family members in the States, but get disconnected almost immediately. For example, I heard my parent’s entire 30-second answering machine spiel, but the connection was cut out as soon as it was done.

A call to my eldest sister yielded a “Hello” from her but I was cut off before I could answer. Same thing with my other sister.

I’ve toyed with what settings are available and dug through the company’s not very helpful “help” files to no avail.

Has anyone had any luck with this program (any platform) here in the lovely Republic of Taiwan (ROT)?


I use Netmeeting on Hinet’s ADSL. I have not, however, tried PC2Phone etc.

i’ve used both dialpad and net2phone on Hinet ADSL. I’m now considering alternatives… Few problems, I noticed better performance with my brand spanking new systems than with my Pentium II (Duh!), and upgraded ADSL.

Anyone tried a clarisys usb phone or any other gimmicks? How about a US telephone number for you guys? seems to offer some interesting services. I know I can do these tings now, but why?


I have accounts with both with US 408 area code real phone numbers. They both work fine with So-Net ADSL. These services both provide a small box that has ethernet on one side and a regular phone line on the other. You hook up a phone and it works just like a regular phone line.