Adsl modem questions?

first of all… sorry if I post it in here (it should be in the technology forum, but it’s only for registered users and I don’t think it’s worth all the effort to go through it just for some simple questions)…

  1. how much is the price for a good adsl modem in taiwan?

or are we condemned to use the ones provided by chunghwa telecom?

  1. btw… what’s that thing so much touted around called ‘hi-building’?

is it some kind of hinet only building?

what if I use seednet adsl in a ‘hi-building’?

  1. firewalls for adsl… there is that thing from trendmicro called ‘gate-lock’… is it good?

does it have an english manual?

  1. are there any prepaid cards for adsl, like the ones used for dialup?


why no answer?
everybody here uses only dialup?

If your questions aren’t important enough to you to have you bother with registration, why should anyone bother to reply?

how rude!

(I am referring to the one above, not the first 2)

Gee…I don’t visit for a month and everything changes around here…

  1. I don’t think you can really buy them in a store. There’s no market since everyone rents the modems.

  2. Hi-building is basically where hi-net pulls a T1 (or something like that) to your apartment building and it’s shared between all the residents. It requires that your apt. building contract with Hinet. It’s cheaper but speeds are slower.

I don’t think it matters which dsl provider you use. The hibuilding part shouldn’t block anything.

  1. No comment. As far as I can tell, firewalls for home users are just marketing gimmicks.

  2. A few providers off this, I don’t remember which ones but at one point in time, they did.