ADSL Sharing

I have a dedicated ADSL line (5 IP addresses), and I would like to share it. Both machines are running Windows 98. How do I go about sharing this connection so that either PC can connect without the other being on? Is there a simple solution?

Please help.

Thank you.

You need an Internet sharing hub. A 10/100 switching model will set you back from NT$3,500 to NT$7,000 (four or five ports) at one of the shops in Guanghua market (Bade Rd. Section 1).

More expensive models include printer sharing functionality.

There are software solutions, but given that you’re Windoze 98 – rather flakey – I wouldn’t suggest it.

Actually u only really have 5 ips since 3 are unusable. The previous poster thinks you only
have one IP and he is recommending a broadband router. They have some benefits but you don’t need to spend that much. All you need to buy is a simple network hub.

There are two speeds - 10MB hubs and 10/100MB hubs and # of ports vary depending on how many machines u wish to connect - a 4 port is good enough in your case (really it is 5 ports but the uplink port doesn’t really count since that is the port that the ADSL line connects to).
The 10MB 4/5 port hub will be the cheapest since windows can’t transfer that fast anyway. You should be looking for a price under NT$1,000 nowadays.

If you prefer to buy the broadband router I suggest you reduce your 8 IP connection down
to a single IP connection and save some dosh.


Unless you need to use both PC simultaneously,
you need to buy the hub, I remember a Dlink pocket
hub of 4 ports only cost about NT$1500 at TZone

If you only use 1 PC at a time, then just plug/unplug the network cable from your ADSL