Adult advertising for astronauts or gardener's prank?

I was just checking on somewhere I have to visit tomorrow and saw this interesting horticultural feature just north of Huajiang Bridge in Banqiao. The picture is clearer through Google Earth if you have it - tell me if I’m seeing things that aren’t really there.

maybe its zoomed in too far but i cant see anything…

It does say Formosa in that Taiwan shaped hedge thing, but what it has to do with the thread title, I am puzzled.

That’s cool! Someone has a lot of time on their hands. It’s a pretty good trimming job. It looks just like Taiwan and the kicker is the Formosa lettering down the middle of it. :bravo:

Look closer - it says “Pornosa” or possibly “Pormosa”

If you scroll right to the other side of the river you can see someone has made a big heart :heart:
It’s a bit wonky, but it can’t have been easy.

I’m sure it’s supposed to say “Formosa” but to me it looks more like PORN USA. So, in the interest of research I checked both (nothing there) and Maoman’s better suggestion of, which is indeed an adult site (of the classy, high-class kind, of course).

Ah well, I suppose I should lift my mind from the gutter and get back to work.


And inside a phallic-shaped enclosure?

thats a pretty lame attempt at a map of taiwan… with formosa written inside…

[quote=“Chris”]PORN USA???

And inside a phallic-shaped enclosure?[/quote]And if you look closely, you can even see the head outlined.