Adult Class Book ,Recommendations


I may be asked to teach a group of Adult Students. Can anyone give me some good book recommendations.
I’m not sure if the group will be beginner, intermediate or mixed. So, I’d like some recommendations for fun beginner and intermediate books and if possible something that would be flexible should I get hit with that mix.
Regardless, I’d like start teaching more adults, so I want to familiarize myself with what’s out there.
I live in a rural area so I actually have to plan a day to get to the city, make myself comfortable and read the books. Thanks for your suggestions.


Are you looking for a textbook? When I was in US, I took an English class for adult students with mixed levels. The teacher used newspapers for teaching materials, and we enjoyed it.



They’re all much a muchness IME. I would follow tando’s advice if I were you. That’s from the student’s mouth.


It depends on the book. There are some dreadful books, and some pretty decent ones. The one I linked is one of the few I’ve found really useful. But I agree that the best thing to do is supplement classes with your own material and ideas that’s appropriate to their level. is a good ESL resource site that adapts news articles for lower proficiency levels.


Try walking into an adult class and opening up a text book as opposed to walking into a class and using your own materials. Now, the professionally produced text book is probably far superior - but it’s all about student perceptions. In terms of learning neither is particularly better or worse. Perhaps there is more student enthusiasm if the teacher isn’t using a textbook.


I walk into an adult class every day. Several a day. I teach at a Uni. I said I agree it’s best to supplement classes with your own material, but there’s a few decent books out there. But it’s best not to rely too much on any one textbook. You can use them to provide some starting point or structure, and then use your own materials and ideas to enhance the lesson.


I know. Tell me about it.

5 week break now, though.


I have one more week of preparing exams (and then marking them) and then I get my own 5 week R&R. Uni teaching is definitely where it’s at, despite the chaos of exam week.