Adult KTV (CKTV/Dirty KTV) in Taichung?

Happy to help :wink::sweat_smile:

That virus gets everywhere

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Should probably spray the forums.

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We tried that. It keeps coming back. :joy:


้‡‘้Œข่ฑน - Yeah us foreigners know it as โ€œJaguarโ€. Very pricey joint on Taiwan Boulevard, near Wenxin. Was taken there by some well-healed locals a few times back in the pre C-19 era. Women were stunning, and their time drinking & singing with you was thru the roof $$wise! Many I met were certainly available for meet ups after work, although I was never quoted/told a price for that arrangement. Havenโ€™t been there since C-19 became an issue.

I always get that mixed up with cougar. Probably the same thing in this case.

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