Adult language schools AND Chinese websites for Uni students

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with a couple of questions:

  1. What are some good adult language schools in the Taipei Main Station / Shida / Gongguan / Shilin areas (along the Red/Green MRT line)? By good I mean reasonable to work for and they encourage or support you to do a professional job. Conversation, business or test prep are all OK for me.

  2. What Chinese-language web forums / BB’s exist for university students looking for stuff, including tutors? I mean, English speakers use Forumosa, Tealit, Dave’s ESL, etc. What websites are geared specifically to helping Taiwanese uni students find things related to student life?

Thanks for any help. :bow:

I should clarify that I live in Danshui but I am targeting the buxiban cluster near Taipei Main Station, in the hopes of filling in empty blocks of hours.


Elite is one of the better ones to work for. Just bear in mind that the students don’t go to conversation classes with the intention of learning anything, and don’t go to test-prep classes with the idea that they have to do the work. I know you can adapt to the environment, and will get along fine with the students. They’re mostly university-age kids who have been sent to classes by their parents.

Drop me a line or call me and I’ll introduce you to someone there.

Snow White.