Adult private business lesson advice


I’m just beginning to teach private lessons, and I’ve been doing a bit of research to help soften the blow. I enjoy teaching and the accomplishment of seeing growth in individuals, and I hope private lessons are a great way to get this kind of validation.

One of my biggest issues right now is what type of courseware to adopt. From most of what I see, and what I can imagine the lessons amount to, some structure and a rough syllabus are beneficial to both student and teacher, to ensure all the basics are covered (primarily from a grammatical perspective). The privates I am taking on possess only basic english, and in fact need a considerable amount of review in their business english, but also crave business english proficiency, and I believe their sense of progress and worth in the language will stem from a gradual improvement in both areas.

Would anyone be able to give advice on teaching materials for one-on-one lessons with motivated adults? A friend mentioned I should stick to high-profile academic institutions such as OUP, Cambridge Press, etc.

Any ideas on how to effectively combine both business-related vocabulary and dialogue with material covering basic/elementary english (simple verb tenses, survival vocabulary, etc)? From what I understand, the latter is practically necessary before venturing too deeply into the former… has anyone had any luck with a less conventional approach?

I’d like to mention that the thread “How can I get privates??? (students, that is!)” was a fantastic source of ideas and general considerations; thanks to all. This is a great board and a great site.

I apologize if this posting is a bit vague; does anyone have any more experiences to share or recommendations?

Thanks for your time,