ADULT toy stores

Does anyone have addresses for adult toy stores in Kaohsiung?


Well, I am sure that some of the bigger department stores stock enough Lego to keep you happy…

Hey, you mean stuff like dildos, venus balls, butt plugs and the like?

I don’t really know Gaoxiong, but in the small town I live in, there are quite a few, and they are all over the place. It’s roughly the same all over this island, so there’s most likely at least 1 within 500 meters of your residence. (Unless you live very high up in the mountains, that is.)

Look for these 4 Chinese characters: 情趣用品.

That should sort you out.

You can ask your neighbors if there are any stores selling “kuaile bang” nearby.

I heard that people who use toys start losing sensitivity after a while. It starts off innocently enough with the little dipper and then eventually upgrading to big black ben. The next thing ya know she’s at the hardware store standing in line at the paint shaking machine.