Advice for a jaded teacher

Dear everyone

I wonder if you could offer me some advice. recently I have become very, very fed up with teaching. I just can’t get any enthusiasm going at all in the classroom and it’s also affecting the rest of my life.

I should explain I’ve been teaching for nearly 7 years (nearly two in Taiwan), in different countries and different subjects. I have a PGCE and a DELTA as well. So I consider myself ‘a teacher’. But I’m not sure if it’s my current job or just teaching in general.

So - if you’ve had the same experience how did you get over it? Or does anyone know of other possible work for a qualified teacher with only basic mandarin skills.

Sorry for moaning at you and thanks in advance for any advice. I will appreciate it a lot.

There is always editing.

PM me if you like as I know of one position that will be opening up early next month.

Failing that, vacations do a world of good. It’s amazing how you can rediscover enthusiasm and energy just by taking a break.

Many of the big chain schools here in Taiwan, and some of the best ones like TAS often recruit from within if you want to go the school administration route.

Whatever you do, good luck!