Advice for Newbie Please :) - Zhudong

I was wondering if any veterans of English teaching in Taiwan could share some advice with me? I already have the job and am beginning training in a few weeks. Could you all share things like your experience with salary pay, holidays, the classroom atmosphere, other teachers…? Really just anything so I can have an idea as to what I’m getting into! I’ve done some research and have been disappointed to see a lot of it being quite negative… hoping this move wasn’t a giant mistake. Thanks in advance!

Also, if you have specific advice about Zhudong, Hsinchu, or KNES, that would be great.

Which school are you working at?

It’s called KNES… Kang Ning English School.

Check this thread…

Well, never taught a day in my life so can’t offer much advice there. If you seek some recommendations around the Hsinchu area, like places to go or eat, I’d be happy to share.

I do see many young English speaking Caucasians riding around on the weekends. So there’s probably a group out here. I just never worked up the courage to talk to them, out of fear of being asked to exercise.

I don’t have any knowledge about KNES, but I can try to offer some shitty advice… First, throw anything you know or you think you know or you think have a general idea about how things are about to go down out the window. Then, stand back, keep an open mind and even wider open eyes, and just roll with it. Things will be different, and it takes time to get used to. But, as soon as you find your feet, things will become normal. Hopefully.
As for Hsinchu, I like it. Not much in the sense of nightlife or other entertainment, some people say. Judong even more so. I live in Beipu, a small town behind the hills of Judong, and there is literally nothing. Just the way I like it. If you ever fancy a drive to Beipu, let me know, you are more than welcome to visit.
Good luck with your time here!

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Thank you, I will do that.


Thank you, we could use some suggestions for Hsinchu, sure! That would be great - sounds like people in Zhudong tend to go there for a bit more action.


Thanks for the advice haha, will try to keep that open mind. As we’ll he spending a year or so here I’m sure we would have plenty of opportunities to come to the area you mentioned! Would be great to meet some English speakers.

Be strict to start and set very clear boundaries and consequences. You can always ease up later, but it’s incredibly hard to go from the cool laid back teacher to strict get your work done teacher.

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If you enjoy the outdoors, you are set in Zhudong. In fact, I’d say people in Hsinchu tend to goto Zhudong for a bit more action. Sure if you wanna go watch a movie, currently Hsinchu would be the closest option, but you can goto Beipu like thesublimenakedfairy said. Go further there’s Neiwan, Wufeng, Smangus, the Shueba national park, and much more.

You are also closer to the scenic areas of Taoyuan and Miaoli than you would think.

Best advice. Also work really hard for the first few months on your lesson prep. A lot of skills and ideas can be found on the internet.

If you dont actually want to work hard, then at least try to look like you are working hard and print a lot of stuff. This is the best single advice that you will get about working in Asia in general

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