Advice needed: Bar games to attract the masses

Pin the tail on the French chef. :beatnik:

Over the years, I been toying on a monopoly like game for bars.

The idea is to use the positions around a bar counter as realestate sections, and players would use the beers / drinks they purchased to build up their estates value and charge a higher “rental” fee.

Players traverse around the bar as normal by casting die and moving forward.
When a player lands on a taken position, they must pay the rental fee. Specially marked beer coasters can be used as funny money and pay off rental fee or alternatively, the mark has to pony up and by the landlord a shot.

Of course I believe many go to bars to hook up with others, so additional rules can be added to extend game play and make a bit more conducive to social mixing.

Sabang Beach,Philippines.[/quote]

I went to White Beach and I think it’s not too far to your place? Or maybe I’m mistaken and got the wrong island.

I remember the people that worked at the resort we were at “Oh don’t go around the bay to the other beach because you’ll drown. The currents over there are very strong.” So then we were like what the heck and went around the bay and saw one of them most beautiful pristine beaches that I’ve ever seen. But after our walk we were bored because there weren’t any fruity cocktails to drink so returned to White Beach.

Then I played some volleyball with these ladyboys for about 3 hours straight. It was really fun!