Advice needed (English speaking doctors/hospitals)

Hi everyone.

I’m so glad to have found this forum as I need some advice. I am currently a senior medical student and was interested in performing a four week elective in Taiwan sometime before graduation. Though I was born in Taiwan, I moved to the U.S. before my first birthday and unfortunately, speak very little Mandarin (although my Taiwanese is pretty decent). So… does anyone know of any English speaking doctors or hospitals that would be willing to let me follow them around for a month? I read that people have had good experiences at Adventist and Chung Kang Hospitals in Taipei, but I don’t know if they accept visiting students (especially illiterate ones). Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Try Taipei Medical University…I used to teach there (far enough in the past that my asking would not do you any good, unfortunately!) and I had a student from LA (he was in Medical Technology) who spoke native English. He spoke Chinese well enough, but couldn’t read a blasted word, and somehow he got through the entire four years without being able to read a thing. Talk about cooperating with your classmates! Anyway, they’ve definitely had this kind of thing before…although I’m not sure if the med-tech kids had to do an internship or not. But for an observation, that might be OK. Don’t know if they have an English-speaking doctor who might be interested, though…