Advice on cheap tires

I have an old giant defy and and old steel frame giant. I haven’t ridden either in years.

I need four new tires. Where would be the cheapest place to buy them? I’m not looking for high performance. I’m looking for cheap but gonna last. Think rides with my 9 year old along the river.

Hopefully that plus some lubricant and I’m off.

Are there any bike shops that will deal with this? I’m not looking to spend much so maybe not. I’ve debated just scrapping them but I can’t do it.

There are lots of cheap bike tires on Ruten. Don’t go to bike shops, they will sell you those same cheap tires at a 200% markup.

I have one 26 inch tire that I don’t use…

I’m curious why do you need 4 tires? Do you have one of those 4 wheeled bikes?

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Two bikes. They were left on my balcony, went flat, and are now all dried out and cracked. They were on their last legs before they were put on the balcony 5 years ago.

You can decide if it’s worth restoring, but I was given a couple of free bikes and after spending money trying to restore them, I sold them to the scrap yard (you’ll get about 80nt for this).

Reason was the bearing was suspect, the deraileur did not work, and when I got it to work it was very hard to use, and the chain behaved weirdly even when a new one was installed. The amount of money you’d have to spend to get it working safely is just too much. Youbike is really cheap to use, and if you have the 1280 ticket they are free to use (included in the price of the 1280 ticket). Having an unstable drive system, and deraileur that acted weird was a safety issue in my book, so I gave up on it.

So you can decide if it’s worth it, and I’m sure these aren’t excessively expensive bikes if you allowed it to sit on a balcony for 5 years. Probably all the sprockets, bearing, etc. all needed replacing and you really do not want to go into how much it costs to get it replaced. You could just buy a new bike for the cost.

That is what i was thinking. If it cost more than a few thousand, it wouldnt be worth it. Thanks!

Yea, send it to a scrap yard and collect your 160nt. Use that money to rent about 10 hours on a youbike.

Please do some simple maintenance on your bikes, not expensive and very gratifying. totally worth it.


I am no cyclist, but last time we bought tires they were a couple hundred each. Same, just to tread around town. I wouldnt scrap a perfectly good bike because the tires are gone.


I won’t. I’m gonna give it a try. I always fixed my bike when I was a kid and I have a lot of free time now.

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Both may be in the 23c tire range, which may be hard to come by nowadays since the market has moved on to 25c and up. Nonetheless, try looking at Maxxis or Kenda. Both Taiwanese brands and good value. Import brands like Continental and Vittoria also have wallet friendly products too.

Whatever you put on them, make sure that the bike (tires) do not see direct sunlight. Otherwise, you may be having to get new tires soon after.


If you can’t find cheap tyres for your bikes I’ll buy both of them from you, for ten times those 160 NT.

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One bike has 700 23c and one 700 25c.

one has Kenda tires on already, so that is the way to go.


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