Advice on how to open a buxiban/cram school, language school

Hi, I’m a foreigner that has lived in Taiwan for over ten years. My goal is to open my own buxiban. I have a Taiwanese partner and I have an APRC. I have around seventeen students who are interested in joining my school when I open one. I’m just looking to see if anyone can help me in deciding the best way forward.

First, I know the market is saturated, but I have ideas that would make me more attractive compared to the rest of the market. Therefore, I don’t want to buy an already established school.

Here are a list of questions I hope to gain more information on:

  1. Do I have to apply for a buxiban license or is there another way, such as a language service business, to start the school?
  2. What is the best way to find a place that can be used to open a school? Are there any restrictions to where I can open a school?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Where are you located?

I searched for you.

You can ask to Department of Education of your local government.

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Business 591 works for renting office space/retail storefronts, unless I’m outdated.

Bunch of nothing there though.

Then this one.


I’m in the process of getting my school licensed. It is a hell of challenge and the initial investment has started to snowball. I believe that a buxiban association could be a huge help for you. Check the internet for buxiban associations in your area. Any time you are teaching more than four or five students you will need a buxiban license. There is no way around it. Tell us where you are and we will provide more help.

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What if he’s across the street from you? Then suddenly you’re helping your competition. :wink:

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I’m located in Taichung.


I’m in Taichung.

Thanks, my Taiwanese partner is going to do just that.



Thanks Tando

This looks like it could be of help

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Keep us updated!

What is the average timeframe for opening a buxiban? 3-6 months?

Hi Pinoco, what were your initial costs? Ballpark figures

That’s a tough question to answer because everyone has a different situation. I started by having one class in a small room. I didn’t have a license so I had to sweat it out for a few months while I got licensed and inspected.

If I was going to do it over again I would find a buxiban that can rent out a classroom under their license. Otherwise, find and rent an old registered buxiban to move in to. Registering and licensing a new buxiban in an existing building is a whole nother animal.

Good Luck!

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tempogain helped me on another thread by finding some links…legend!

For New Taipei, second item here is list of required documentation for download

Here’s a New Taipei association, seems to be connected with the Taipei association I mentioned.

I have had a look through using google translate. I found something about the size of the place. Minimum 70metersquared. 1.5metersquared for each kid, but can’t see anything else.

I am looking for the regulations concerning the building.

Size? How many exits? How many bathrooms? Can any property be used as a business here? In the Uk, they would be residential or commercial, but it doesnt seem like that here. I have seen dance schools on fifth floors of residential buildings. i have also seen people living in first floor shops.

the property should be registered as used for buxiban…
It should pass fire inspections.