Advice on ICLP accommodations

Hi! This is my first ever post here. My cousin and I are going to the ICLP for this up coming academic year. I have searched on the internet and many forums but there aren’t much information about the accommodations ICLP provided. I’ve also tried going through apartments on the internet but found that it is somewhat hard to decide since I haven’t seen the place yet. So I would like to ask for your opinion and advice about Taipei Paradise provided by the ICLP.

For those who have stayed with the ICLP at Taipei Paradise,
How many people are there in the room?
How much do you pay?
What was it like?
What is your experience there?
Would you recommend the place?
What is the pros and cons of living there?

Thank you very much.

Rule of thumb: stay in a hotel or Airbnb temporary accomodation after you arrive. Check out the places in person. Never book something semi permanent -over 6 months or so- and/or with large deposits from abroad/on the Internet/without any firsts hand contact.

That said, someone already uploaded in YouTube a brief tour:

That said, I have a question to add to yours: does this dorm have curfew like Shida’s? Other than that, is a high end accomodation, suitable for new arrivals. Again, see if it fits your budegt and lifestyle.

I will also be attending the program this fall and I had the same questions. Below is an email I received back from the ICLP program administration. Hope it helps

Dear Mr. Baptiste,

Thank you for contacting the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP).

The housing that ICLP offers is limited. Students who can complete the whole Academic Year Program have priority in reserving a room. Depending on apartment and room type, a room in the Taipei Paradise apartments costs anywhere from US$400-$600 per month.

For information on the housing market in Taipei, please check out these Facebook groups: … roommates/ …

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact ICLP.

Administrative Assistant

International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University
4 Fl, No 170, Xin-hai Road, Sec. 2, Taipei 106, Taiwan
P.O.Box 13-204, Taipei 106, Taiwan
Phone: (+886-2) 2363-9123#15 | Fax: (+886-2) 2362-6926

@Icon. I don’t think Taipei Paradise have curfew since it’s an off-campus accommodation. I’m planning to go there for a whole academic year so staying at an accommodation offered by the program will be more convenience for me. I’ll try to get a room there, but if I couldn’t then I will sure follow your suggestions. Thank you very much :slight_smile:.

@I8itall or Baptiste Thank you for your reply

I also received the same reply.

Currently, they don’t take any reservations right now because they don’t know the number of rooms that will be available for incoming students since the contract is renegotiate in the summer of every year.
Therefore, they will announce the information regarding the accommodation in July.

There is nothing we can do but wait at the moment. I just want to make sure I have a place before going there you know. If I could get an accommodation here then it’ll be one problem for me.

Are you planning to stay at the Taipei Paradise or find your own place?