Advice on saving my kumquat tree

HELP!!! :cry:

My kumquat tree is dying fast. When I bought it, they said, “Water it only once every 6 days, or the fruit will get heavy too fast and drop off before it is ripe.”

I paid little attention to what they said because the leaves withered within 2 days. So I watered it at least every 1-2 days, and sure enough, the fruit fell off when it was still tiny.

So then I was like, “Fine. I’ll water it once every 3 days and see what happens.”

Now I have a tree full of sad-looking tiny orange kumquats, but all of the leaves are completely withered (to the point of being crispy, but they haven’t fallen off, and neither have the fruit).

I’m now watering it once every two days. Should I cut all the fruit off? And the leaves? Should I trim the branches? Should I be watering every day? Is it impossible to maintain a balance?

Thank you in advance!

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My wife keeps a kumquat tree. Bearing in mind she is not an expert or anything, she recommends snipping off half to a third of the dead leaves and some of the sorrier looking fruits. Also, check the plant over for any sign of infestation from eggs, bugs, ants and the like.

Sorry, that’s not much help - can’t you go ask at the place you bought it?

If the soil’s still a little damp don’t add water. Don’t add too much water at a time.

I think these are basic guidelines for any plants. (I still only have about a 50% survival rate for my plants though).


Try covering the base of the tree with fertilizer pellets combined with a top layer of peat. Also, make sure the plant is located in a spot where it’ll get direct sunlight for at least half the day.

Thanks guys, you’re the best! I’m overwhelmed… I think that’s the most response I’ve ever gotten from Forumosa!

I’ll try snipping, and fertilizing… I’m assuming the fertilizer is for flowers (fruits) and not for leaves?

Maybe you’re right, Bri–while I only water it when it is dried out, I think I might have doused it a bit.

I will try to ask the person who sold it to me, but I’ll have to wait until next Saturday (bought it at Jianguo flower market… closed all week).

Thanks again! I’ll keep you posted.