Advice - Taiwan Prospects?

Hi All
I’ve had a couple years work in Information Management in Oz but my contract’s expired so I’m looking at my options - UK, NZ, local area etc. Taiwan’s something that recently came on my radar hence this post. Here there are (way) too many librarians not enough jobs, and a Master’s doesn’t count for anything. I’m not expecting anything radically different in Taiwan but if I don’t ask I’ll never know. I’m English only at present but have started looking to see what it would take and where I might study if I were to attempt to pick up a modicum of Mandarin.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Can you clarify? Information Management to me sounds like something to do with IT? Librarian is pretty self explanatory.

I guess it might be a mite unclear. I’ve a Master’s in Info. Management which enables me to work as a (professional) librarian. The qualification’s a bit broader than ‘just’ library work but there’s too much specialisation within libraries as it is and that’s where I’ve got my (limited) experience so I’d be cautious about looking too far outside libraries. Need I mention that when I say librarian I mean professional work as distinct from library assistant roles i.e. non-qualified shop assistant type positions, but also referred to as librarians by most people? I was working primarily with metadata and the new departmental digital asset management system in my last role if that helps so I probably blur the boundary a bit between libraryworld and IT world though I definitely fall on the library side. I’m no Systems Librarian with programming\coding skills :slight_smile:

I would honestly think that there is no opportunity for you here. Even if you spoke fluent mandarin.

Thanks. Looks like tourist or maybe education’ll have to be my reason for visiting Taiwan.