Aerobics class

I would like to find an aerobics class in taipei without having to join one of the big gyms. Any suggestions for me? Thanks

There is a public gym at Zhong San MRT station that has no membership fee. You pay each time you go. It’s pretty cheap.
To join the aerobics classes, you need to sign up every season and pay then, supposedly it’s really cheap too.
I don’t remember if they have drop ins.

Or join a community college. They offer aerobics classes every season too. I took a latin dance class instead, but I almost also joined aerobics class as well. They offer a lot of classes and at different times. I also posted more information about community college courses before, do a search.

Good luck and have fun!

I know of a bunch of girls that left Paris Youth Camp after they went bankrupt and openned their own gym. PM me for details.