AF372 work permit? (naturalized NWOHR)

I don’t know where to ask this question, but if any one can help… I’ll be very thankful.

I was issued a new TARC with code AF372 and I have another citizenship… Do I need to apply for a work permit?

I was APRC before… Then this TARC.

If your spouse is a citizen, you don’t need.
If you have an open work permit, it could be still valid? I’m not sure.
You may ask to Labour department.

I believe you applied for your citizenship via the APRC Route (i.e Naturalization 自願歸化)…If your APRC was through work and you had the Open Work Permit, then you do not need to apply for a separate work permit for this TARC. My TARC was also the AF372 kind.

Do you need to give up your previous citizenship within a year of getting the TARC? Or are you the chosen few who do not need to give up their original citizenship?

I got my APRC because I stayed for 5 years ARC on the basis of supporting my child which is a Taiwanese. I already ask the Labor department but they told me that I can’t work… Using my old open work permit tru APRC.

I have to give up my original citizenship.

Very confusing for me… Stay for 1 year with out them issuing new work permit because I changed my APRC to TARC.

How can one survive for one year waiting to obtain Taiwanese citizenship.

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So I take it that you held a dependent ARC for 5 years and then you applied for a dependent APRC, is that correct? It is my understanding that one cannot work on a dependent ARC (as well as on a dependent APRC), so I’m not sure how you got the open work permit? I may be wrong in my assumption though, others pls correct me if I’m mistaken.
I agree with you that it is ridiculous that one cannot work during that one year on a TARC… You’re a Taiwanese national already… Where will they deport you?? Weird!

Yes your right on dependent ARC, but on that ARC there is a clause that I can work to support my child. When I changed to APRC that’s the only thing that I applied for open work permit.IMG_20200611_202218

can you work if your employer gets a work permit for you with the TARC?

You can work if you renounce your citizenship now.

Renouncing takes time maybe 3 months or more… My employer doesn’t care about work permit as long as I have ARC or APRC or TARC right now.

I want to know if anybody out there is the same situation like me AF372 without getting new work permit… or they also used the old work permit from APRC.

@geajvop might be interested in this.

Previously, people should have renounced citizenship before they get TARC, and still most of people on AF372 TARC are foreign spouses, so they may forget cases like yours.

@tess0115, you are NWOHR now. can you change your TARC to AF353?

No I can’t change it to AF353… or any other AF category because they said that I only belong to this AF372.

Arctic 25 of amended
Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
(not yet effective and not yet updated)

Chinese nationals have foreign nationalities but do not have a household register in my country, and hold foreign passports to work in my country.
Employment or job hunting shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of this law on foreign professionals. But it is due to naturalization
Those who have Chinese nationality are exempted from applying for a work permit.
Acquired Chinese nationality through naturalization and has foreign nationality, but does not have a household register in my country, and holds a Chinese passport
Those who enter the country for professional work or job hunting are exempted from applying for a work permit.

Google translate of Chinese version doesn’t make much sense.

Naturalized nationals without HHR are exempted from work permit, iiuc.


I noticed my daughter’s TARC also has AF372 code. I wonder if her status can be changed after I gain household registration and citizenship in 2022.

Is it possible for her to apply for citizenship under a different category then and not be required to submit renunciation of her other citizenship?

Also, I want to know if there is anyone here who has been in a similar situation as me i.e.

  • You weren’t married to a Taiwanese
  • Got naturalized via work,
  • Had children born prior to your naturalization

If so, were your children able to gain citizenship before 18?
Just trying to find a way because using NWOHR passport for another 16 years is going to be a big hassle for my daughter.


So basically when I get my TARC (through naturalization), I won’t need a work permit?

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Article 25

A citizen of the State who concurrently holds foreign nationality and has not established household registration in the State, and who comes to the State as holder of a foreign passport to engage in professional work or to seek employment, shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of this Act pertaining to foreign professionals. However, such person who has acquired nationality of the State by naturalization is exempted from applying for a work permit.
A person who has acquired nationality of the State by naturalization but has not established household registration in the State, and who enters the State as holder of an ROC passport to engage in professional work or seek employment, is exempted from applying for a work permit.

But this is related to “foreign professionals” I got my APRC through family… Would my case apply to this?

The first sentence is just saying NWOHR generally need a work permit. (such a person refers to NWOHR not foreign professionals).

The second sentence just says everyone who naturalises is work permit exempt

It doesn’t make note of how you naturalize but all naturalized NWOHR are work permit exempt .

The sentences are separated better and more logical in the Chinese version of the act

At first, I understood the article that naturalized NWOHRs don’t need work permits to do professional works. But now I’m not sure, maybe the NWOHRs should have been foreign professionals originally before their naturalization. You could ask NIA or WDA for an instant correct answer.

with the purpose of the law and the explanation given for the amendment, it is more like the nwohrs should be original foreign professionals.


Called them and they said anyone going from and APRC to Tarc…

But I think I would still need to double confirm with a call to the WDA as Taiwan government offices often give false infomation.


a lot of times they don’t know themselves.


@comfy123 @tando

Do you know what happens if you were on a spouse ARC and then naturalize and get a TARC? Do you still maintain the open work rights (during the period before you renounce) or as above is that only applicable to naturalized citizens who were foreign professionals originally?