Affirmative action: A-okay as long as it doesn’t benefit Asians

Judge rules in favor of Harvard’s blatantly racist admissions process. Blacks and Hispanics are admitted to Harvard even if their standardized test scores are lower than Asians and whites. Harvard says this is to keep their student body diverse, but last I checked Asians were still a minority… so I guess it just depends which minority. They discriminate against Asian applicants today in the same way they used to discriminate against Jewish ones 50 years ago. For some reason the Judge didn’t see the double standard. I hope this is overturned on appeal. A diverse student body is important, but so is fairness when it comes to admitting the best and brightest.


yeah, saw the news.
won’t stop Taiwanese fron desperately trying to get there kids in there and other d’ivy league schools.

Harvard has really dropped in quality the last couple decades anyway. Much better institutions they can apply to, but they’re obsessed with the prestige of the name “Harvard.”


How? It’s still ranked like 1st or at least top 3 in all rankings.

I couldn’t care less. The US and Harvard are very very VERY diverse and welcoming and non discriminating. If only the whole world were the same what a fantastic planet this would be

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Harvard admissions has always been utterly corrupt. Son of third world dictator? Halfwit child of corporate titan? Welcome aboard!


By reputation—i.e., prestige, perception, and global brand power—Harvard takes this year’s top spot, as it has for several straight years. Yet by quality of teaching and research, Harvard is only sixth. Judging by its actual educational caliber, the #1 school is the California Institute of Technology.”


Except if you’re Asian, right? :man_shrugging:


Yes the US is very welcoming and diverse but only when compared to every other country in the world. Against the standard of Liberal perfection it’s not.

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How many Asians are at Harvard now? Hit me with that stat and I’ll sort you out

Ivy League and Private Colleges where you are judged not on Personal Merit but the color of your skin or how powerful your parents are


Why does that matter? They are letting less qualified candidates enter because they are of a different race and punishing Asians because they work harder. The dialogue has shifted from extending a helping hand to oppressed minorities so they can compete on a level playing field to just let them in because of their skin color.


OK you hit me with that stat and I’ll sort you out too


One thing that always bothered me are the statistics for the Left advocating Affirmative action conveniently leaves out Asians on many polls. Not the ones you guys provided of course but I often see polls about income inequality for 1 example citing only White, Black and Hispanic to project the idea its about White Vs black/hispanic by removing Asians who in many cases have incomes higher than White.

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I would guess that a third of Harvard undergraduates have parents who are alumni or are ‘donors’’. Perhaps not really that high but it’s a huge number. Finding an undergraduate at Harvard who isn’t wealthy is like finding a person in the Taipei MRT who doesn’t have a smartphone in their hand.

Grad school admissions are far more what people picture such standards should be.

SAT mean jack. Harvard wants robust people not autonobots. Skewing in favor of Latino and Black students is wrong. Unfair towards them they don’t need that rubbish.

Got a bad one, did you?

My niece got turned down for an interview with Deloitte even though she got a First. When she pushed for a reason why it was because she didn’t get straight A*s at A level (top grade at UK’s kind of university entrance exam).

Apparently this is standard practice at big companies in the UK. They don’t trust university results.

My take with East Asians in the US is they’re on the receiving end of a double whammy. Similar to Jews in the past they are doing too well, plus they are an embarrassment for the argument that white supremacy keeps minority groups down.


I just laugh and laugh and laugh at the notion that the US is bigoted…laugh and laugh

This thread is about bigotry against East Asians in the USA.