Affordable long term car rentals?

I did some searching on kayak and other sites, and car rentals in Taiwan are really expensive - it’s $100 a day for an economy car whereas in San Francisco it’s only around $20 a day. I’m looking to rent a car for about a month. Are there any other more economic sites for Taiwan residents? I’d realistically pay around $600 a month (pre taxes/fees) for a budget car rental, not $3k usd a month when the car is only worth $5-10k usd. I’d be okay with owner to owner lease too if I can find one.

Irent is probably the biggest car rental place in Taiwan. I personally haven’t used them. On their website it’s about 57 USD a day. If you ask them they might be able to do a better rate for monthly.


In Chinese.

6800NTD/month, for 3 months is minimum
so, in your case, 20400ntd/month or 23 USD/day

Pretty good deal, thanks!

Take a look at some others. Should be able to find less than US$W75/day or less and maybe much less for long term. I like Carplus for short term few day rentals usually around NT$2000/US$W70/day. They have shops or desks at many public transport stations around Taiwan so easy to find customer service if needed. Also had good experiences with Chailease and Hotai.
* Hotai
* Ezcar
* Avis
* cheapcartaiwan is cheaper older cars
* Zipcar
* iRent