Affordable marriage counselling in Taipei?


My wife of 15 years and I (Taiwanese & American) are going through a hard time in our marriage and we need to find someone we can talk to. I did find a place in TianMu but the fee ($3500/hr) is a bit impractical for us. Does anybody know of a more affordable counselor here in Taipei or surrounding areas?

Thanks in advance


Really sorry to hear of your trouble but appreciate your courage.

Very best luck to you two. Wanting it to be better probably is the very best basis to start from.

If you can’t find anything in Taipei, maybe online is an option? There was a thread here that touched these topics Advice for marriage difficulties - #76 by olm

I think the two services mentioned were “betterhelp” (subscription if I understand it right) and “instantcounceling” (pay per hour if I understand it right).

Unless the issues are (still?) very local Taiwanese topic issues, like special family disputes or relations.


A divorce would be more costly. That’d be about standard rate (or even cheaper than) in the US.


In case you’re still looking and for people on here who might need it—
Check out “台北市聯合醫院 諮商” on Google, their fee is fairly cheap for people with healthcare, if your spouse is willing to book an appointment with their healthcare, this will probably be the best option to go for because some of their therapists are available to do it in English.

For foreigners without healthcare…give them a call for further information.


What’s that supposed to mean? Any foreigner in TW married to a Taiwanese person is going to have healthcare, unless they jump through hoops like leaving TW every three months and only ever entering on a tourist/visa-free entry.

there are foreigners without nhi (e.g. forst six months of arc)