Island Jam presents:

AFRO-CARIBBEAN NIGHT!! - [SAT] 23th August @ VU live house !

JAMAICAN COCKTAIL, Drum performance,DJS, Dance, FOOD and more…!!!

Entrance fee: 350nt + 1 drink - 10:30PM till 3am

With PAN AFRICANA - Afro-Caribbean Drum Performance + DJ Taili [Martinique] and Dj Katzu [Japan] !! spinning Zouk,Kompa,Soukous,Soca, reggae/dance hall…

Address: [Ximen] near Movie Street- B1 ,No 77 ,Sec 2,Wuchang Street, Taipei. [please contact us if you want get the map, we’ll send you by email,thanks!

The Pan Africana presents artists from West Africa and the Caribbean. They have combined intoxicating African Beats (Afro-beats) with captivating Caribbean Rythms (Reggae, Soca…) to produce a wicked sound guaranteed to stimulate your senses ! After this performance The night fever will keep doing with DJ Taili [Martinique] and Dj Katzu [Japan] spinning Zouk, Soca, Kompa, Soukous, Reggae/Dance Hall !!!

來自西非和加勒比海的 The Pan Africana融合令人興奮的非洲鼓
更有 DJ Taili(馬丁尼克島) 和Dj Katzu(日本)沿著夏夜火熱的共鳴打碟 Zouk, Soca, Kompa, Soukous, Reggae/Dance Hall徹夜不停!!!

入場350元附飲料一杯 晚10點半至凌晨4點

B1 ,No 77 ,Sec 2,Wuchang Street, Taipei
服務專線:(02)2314-1868 / 0989-340-345 (Dino)

ISLAND JAM 主辦: 電話 0936952034 或 Email :

Cool. Friday is my birthday so this can be my party. :birthday: :grandpa: :beatnik: :beer: :banana:

Is the 23th before or after the 23rd?

[quote=“Edgar Allen”]Is the 23th before or after the 23rd?[/quote] it actually falls between the 23st and 23nd, which only occur during every 2rd leap month.

This sounds like a fun event though. Do Taiwanese like to do the Japanese thing - wear cornrows/dreadlocks & FUBU shirts when they’re really into an African/Hip-Hop/Reggae scene? Had a blast at a Japanese beachfront reggae fest, but they couldn’t sing worth a $#!t… The gangstas just make me laugh though.

They do it, but not as much as the Japanese. It is like they still trying to find their ruff side! But once them catch the vibes they can’t help it so maybe in another 10 yrs like Japan. They will definately shake their booty after the rhythm hit them though!!!

isn’t the 23th at the exact stroke of midnight between the 2 days???