After 7-11 ... Meet 7+1

The KLG i referred to is run by a local couple.
They buy their chicken at the local market and cook when the customer order so their oil is pretty clean. This, IMO, is the most important aspect of their gig.
Good chicken, cooked fresh and NT$199 for a bucket of 10 pieces.
Good deal.

True, but it’s one thing to illegally manufacture counterfeit abibas shirts, Junsports backpacks and pirate music and videos in a hidden factory, to secretly distribute them throughout Taiwan and the world. It’s another thing to brazenly open a fake store or restaurant on a busy street, with the illegal acts openly displayed for all the world to see. Takes guts.

The public prosecutors should take the initiative to prosecute such perps on their own and the judges should give them harsh jail sentences to show others who might be tempted to do the same, and foreign businesses who are wary of doing business in Taiwan, and the US government that is sceptical of Taiwan’s claims that things are under contol here, that such crimes will not be tolerated in Taiwan. But of course that will never happen. Although you’re seeing both a public crime and a private civil offense, Taiwan’s authorities lack the motivation, basic understanding of right and wrong, and understanding of how to do their jobs that are needed to do anything about it. Such crimes are only punished when the injured business takes action and, even then, they have great difficulty obtaining justice in this incompetent legal system.[/quote]

:bravo: you are my hero today! well said! :bravo:

well, can you really blame some people for making a buck by blatantly ripping something off and reselling it if they know the consequences of such act are minimal? There is just so much illegal business out there…this country would grind to a halt if everything was on the up & up…

excuse my while I go pirate something and figure out how to rehash a famous brand name with my substandard materials and Vietnamese labour…

What do you think of…

Canuck - ty -cola?

I’m a sucker for Taiwanese idea rip- offs. And I like KGF chicken…I’d be checking out that 7+1 store in a jif…

We had a KLG where I live, but it closed down. I bought some chicken there once, and one piece had a long piece of metal running through it! :astonished: But other than that incident, it didn’t taste too bad at all.

I once saw a “6-12” onvenience store somewhere in Taiwan when I was travelling around, but I can’t remember where it was. Anyone else out there see it too?