After earthquake, coming back to Taiwan

Yeah but chances of a big earthquake after a big earthquake are considerably higher than they would be in normal times


It will be aftershocks, not the main one. Also, Taiwan isn’t turkey. Turkey seems to have problem with mass casualty.

Yes and presumably rocks could have been shifted around and destabilised by the quake with the result that they come down later, perhaps with aftershocks or rain.

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I am buying some rock polishing cloth to bring back to Taiwan

After you’ve inspected your apartment, you can mark yourself as safe on facebook: Crisis Response

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I’m embarrassed that 46 of my friends felt it necessary to mark themselves as safe.


I am embarrassed that i dont have 46 friends.


I figure anyone who actually cares about my existence will message me and ask if I’m still alive. Anyone that wants to check for signs of life via Facebook is also a bit weird. “One of my facebook friends died in the earthquake in Taiwan” isn’t really a “sorry for your loss” sort of statement.

I also preemptively messaged a few people that I know make a big deal about me not directly messaging them after these things and two of them were like “oh, there was an earthquake?”


Yes, me too. :laughing: It’s just 12 or so for me, but I also cringed a bit. At least two of them aren’t even in Taiwan.


Is there a pat my chest emoji for that?

My FB keeps asking me if I want to say I’m safe, but I never feel safe. Death awaits!

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I messaged my sisters straight away and I messaged one Hualien friend.

More likely to be run over by a random scooter than die in earthquakes anyways.

True. Better mark yourself as safe on FB every time you successfully cross the street!

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Jesus I’m still getting prompts to mark meself as safe.

Will ye give over already? I’m not dead! Not even close.

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Yeah, me too. I actually got a pop-up notification yesterday afternoon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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