After one year do I need another health check

Hey all,

I have been here for one year and am going to start my second very soon. My boss at my school told me that I may need another health check, in order to extend my ARC. I have heard, from unreliable sources, that I would not need a second health check. Does anyone know if this is true? My current ARC is set to expire at the end of May. Can anyone tell me when I should start my application for for my second year and what documents I will need.

Thanks a lot
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I am married to local gal and did not need another health check for extension. Do not think anyone needs that…

Is it a way your buxiban wants to gets some bucks from you? Kinda suggesting you to pay them to avoid it? If so, do not pay.

the rules were that you did a health check each year that you are here, if you are on a one-year contract. i don’t believe they have changed. you don’t pay your boss anything for this - just the hospital. you need the same stuff as last time. should be a list in a thread somewhere. pictures and passport most important. just tell them it’s for a teacher’s arc.

people who are married do not need this on a year-to-year basis, or perhaps at all? only been married for 10 months …

Well I am not married so it sounds like I will have to get another health check. The strange thing is who do you give the health check to, I’m assuming my employer. I was under the assumption that after a year you go back to the Police Station show that some proof that you are staying for another year and they extend your ARC. Now this is really confusing me. I thought it was much easier than this.


You give the health check form to the police, along with a copy of your work permit, your contract, your passport and NT$1,000, in return for which you get your ARC extended for a year. You don’t give your employer anything.

:unamused: I was a bit confused to find out the process is the same as when you apply for your first one. Yes, you must have the health check up for the second year. You’d think it would become easier the more time you spent here wouldn’t you. Think again!


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if your employer takes care of everything for you, then hand it to him/her. lotsa people do these kinds of things themselves - it’s not that hard.

get together what you need (health check, contract, a gazillion pictures, proof of residence - sometimes) and whatever else (check appropriate thread), and head to the local cop shop that deals with this. cost you a little time, but maybe less $$$ than if the boss does it, and charges for it. should be about a thousand at the police station, around that again at the hospital, and your right arm for all those pics :smiley:

I recently heard that if you go back to the hospital where you originally got your health check that they can print you out another copy, without having to do another health check. Is this true? and has anyone done this and had it work?


they’re only good for two-three months, depending on what you use them for (most places the latter). if you only needed to get a printout every year of your original, it would defeat the purpose of doing it each year (of course, what that purpose is we’ll never know …)