After Spending Some Time in Keelung…

Keelung surprised me. I never expected the tourism in this area to be so advanced. The city is well-connected with the nearby Taipei through various shuttles that run regularly until midnight, but it is also extremely easy to get to its beautiful neighboring areas.

I never imagined to find so many buses and shuttles that go almost anywhere. I went on a couple of tours with a shuttle, the T99, which brought me to more than 10 scenic attractions for only 50 Taiwanese dollars a day. This and other tourist shuttles are also present in Rome and in other European cities: you pay a ticket, keep it with you, and during a single day you can visit various places on the bus itinerary anytime that you want (usually until 5 or 6PM), taking advantage of unlimited rides in full freedom. The service could definitely be improved (and I say this as a Roman), but it is still advanced.

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