After this week's Windows 10 upgrade my computer now requires a password


My Windows 10 computer updated itself this week and now requires a password every time it boots or wakes up. I have been into the User Accounts settings and made sure that “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” is not checked but it is still asking for a password. Has anyone else experienced something similar this week? Can anyone tell me how to get my computer to log in automatically each time it starts?


We experienced a password request on Windows 10 on our PC only after I installed the LINE app. It’s somehow linked to my wife’s Hotmail email address. That also messed up our Start button, but we got that resolved, although I haven’t had time to remove the password portion yet. You can try Windows Support on Twitter. They’re extremely responsive.

I just use the sleep button to let the puter rest and only once a week or so I turn it off. Thus no need for a password.