Afternoon Bars, Drinks, Early Happy Hour

I saw there’s a new Hooters on the 14th floor of the new mall near 101 (A13 I think). The balcony looks decent but I didn’t go in.

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:dizzy_face: :man_cartwheeling: :running_man:


A great place on Friday afternoons is the fold-down table TaiHu near 101. Especially when the office ladies get off work and head there for a drink.


The hooters fly in the wind? I see they provided kitchen tissue for masterbating day!


Looks great. Will have to check it out asap!

Had a free day, early morning 3 hour hike, nice lunch, a little bit of a bike ride now where for a cold afternoon beer?

Carnegie’s seems always open, indoor outdoor, chills.

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I know a place, but I’m not gone tell you. But lucky you having a day off.

Can I get some hints?

Don’t say the beach in Kenting because I’m going there next week

I need a move out of Taipei to some chillax town down South where people have time in the afternoon.

Living in Taipei and having free time sucks.

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Gordon Biersch, TGIF are about the only places I can think of open at this hour. And there are several. Most bars open at 5 pm, it seems, so a couple at a place like this before the bars open? Anyway, I definitely envy you. Someplace with outside sitting is where I’d head in this weather.


Oh, outside of Taipei? Don’t really know then. A 7 with outside seating would be good enough for me if the weather is good there.

Had a late lunch at GB Xinyi a couple days ago and I was the only one there. Depressing.

You already have a place.

GB Xinyi. No outside seats. Stuck inside by yourself would be depressing. I was there on Sunday. Good but expensive. I always get a burger at those places.

Yea, they had outside seats previously.

I got nearly $300 off my lunch because of membership points

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@tango42 have you found any interesting spots as yet ? I enjoy happy hours too. n not a fan of foreigner (westerner ) filled bars lol

uh, then why are you asking here?


Is such a thing even physically possible? There just aren’t that many foreigners in Taiwan, and I doubt they all congregate in the same bar at the same time just to annoy you.

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Have you never been to Parklife or Crafthouse?

LOL. No, but now I’m intrigued.