Age for neutering

Most of the sources I’ve looked at mention neutering before the dog is a year old. Does anyone know if there are any problems neutering a dog that is older? My beagle is about 18 months.

Although I have a vet that I find quite reliable, the idea of having my dog neutered in Taiwan does make me a little nervous. Does anyone have a suggestion for a proven and trusted vet when it comes to neutering? Or am I being paranoid?

I had my cat neurtered at the Tianmu Animal Hospital on Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 6, I think. It’s been over 3 years now so I don’t quite remember. My cat had no problems or infections from it. Now he goes to the Cardiovascular Animal Hospital on He Ping E. Rd. near Jian Guo Rd. They are very professional there although I don’t know about neutering there.

I had my bitch aborted and spayed at the same time at the Cosomopolitan Veterinary Surgery on Xinsheng South Road, opposite Daan Park and a few doors down from the Grand Mosque. It’s not far from the above-mentioned Cardiovascular Animal Hospital. They did a good job. Spaying and neutering are routine operations, and neutering is simpler than spaying. As long as the vet surgery looks clean and hygienic, it should be fine. Your dog’s age is no problem.