Agriculture systems and methods in Taiwan

In that case you shouldn’t use plastic films at all. The UV light degrades plastic whether it’s biodegradable or not, and typhoons doesn’t help keep these films in one piece for effective recycling either.

Exactly. But there has to be compromise. Using tge thick ones for 10 years surely has some degradation, but FAR less. The alternative is using herbicides to counter weeds instead. Or manual labor which will make your carrot $500nt each.

The real sollution is organic material mulch. This is the best i have found. We are working to transition all our farms to this, the hard part is obtaining enough material. We would use about 60 of those huge gravel trucks to do 1 jia (hectare) and would need to top up probably 20 trucks biannually.

Possible, but logistically surpriaingly hard.

Taiwan also has laws about waste. So for example you can transport animal shit from the west through to taidong or you get fined. Lots of random stuff vastly limits farmers.

In that case, the alternative is a plastic screen.

To be really non-plastic, if you can find a bunch of dried straw every year, then that would do as well, but the performance wouldn’t be as good.

Yes, that is the mulch i mentioned in the post above. Using organic matter as mulch is effective but requires certain procedures to avoid pathogens. Composting is best. Issue in taiwan is quantity available and logistics

The west coast oyster farms and their use of styrofoam is just gross.

You mean the packing? Ya lots of things use lots of styrofoam, especially seafood.

Some fun with agriculture

Not the packing. They use styrofoam rectangular blocks to keep the bamboo structures afloat. Any time a storm comes through the blocks detach from the bamboo and wash up on shore. As well the constant swells cause the bamboo to rub against the styrofoam, causing the blocks to shed styrofoam particles 24/7.

Clever stuff!

Nazca V2.0.

Nazca? Like the peruvian ancient art? I think the rice is more along the lines of fun gardener. Probably a lot of ancient.ruins were stoners with too much free time.doung something similar…

@cjasonc i hear you. Glass balls were so much better… even.the rubberized ones are better than.styrofoam. its not.just waves, its the uv. As it gets weakened the waves rub it super quick to promote microplastic exposures.