Ai Hao 2000

Vote for your favorite method of planting

  • Yanmar 8 row walk along
  • Yanmar 12 row ride on

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I just bought a new dual-piston Ai Hao 2000 backpack sprayer. :smiley: What a piece of technology; molded frame, shoulder supports, and best of all the pump is in front instead of overhead.

What a beautiful day! I’ve been dreaming of throwing the old steel bastard in the river for months. 8)

Well, you know I love a good stroll as much as the next farmer. I’d pass on the rider, and go for the walk-along. I sense this is going to be a hot topic… :slight_smile: :o :smiley: :laughing:

I thought you guys used water buffalo – why would you need a ride-on? :wink: