AI music generators

This is the best one atm.


This is very cool

That first one sounds like a riff on this

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Ok… my prompt is this


I got this…

Um… ok, it’s in German… except it rapped my prompt in Mandarin back to me at the end. My German is very limited, but I can see the lyrics is being sad about being dealt a bad hand and losing in something. So I guess it’s alright?

Changed the prompt to English, got a pretty decent result this time.

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The new v2 beta uses the website, which is what I used this time. It doesn’t yet let you use your own lyrics. Discord does, but is an older version.

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I meant for this song to be a slight dig, but gave me an super positive song about how Ko Wen-je will turn this around. It’s so good I wish Ko will use it as his campaign song.

yeah, I tried one about America collapsing and it did a negative verse followed by one about how it’d turn around blah blah. So I added “not uplifting” and it fixed it ha

Soon they’ll add the custom lyrics option and you can edit chatgpt’s lyrics beforehand

This one is great

News to go with the song

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Did you have to pay to make the song that long?

The lyrics of that song feel so real, I can totally relate.

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The music is so so, but the lyrics is great.

You get free credits each month

They’ve launched custom lyrics on the web platform now. I had it generate some and then made small edits


Ok, so you can use the custom create button to give it custom lyrics and specify a style. I asked it to redo my last prompt but do it in gangster rap. It’s not exactly gangster rap, but it ain’t bad.

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Yeah it was making my stuff too poppy so I added “angry” etc

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Born in Japan, half American and half Taiwanese, Cat lover Siau Bí-khîm is the future of Taiwan.

Ok, remember one of the first songs I made was about Xi Jinping attending APEC and being shown an old photo of him visiting San Francisco by Biden?

Now I have failed to get suno to generate lyrics about Xi at all.

My prompt: When interviewed by the DW, former president Ma Ying-jeou said that in terms of cross-strait relations, all Taiwan could do is to trust China’s permanent president Xi Jinping.

Songs I got

In a world of uncertainty, we try to find some peace
But the more we search for answers, the less we seem to see
Caught in the politics, the games they play
All we can do is hope for a brighter day

When the weight is heavy, and we feel so small
We gotta trust in our own strength, stand tall
In a world where leaders make promises and deceive
We gotta believe in ourselves and what we can achieve

In this world, so full of deceit
We’re searching for truth, a steady beat
But when it comes to cross-strait ties
We’re left wondering, asking why

Can we trust in the unknown? (oh-oh)
When it’s all we’ve ever known?
Can we find the strength to stand? (stand tall)
When our future’s in another’s hand?

I mean they are decent songs, but the lyrics went out of its way to be barely related to the prompt.

Udio lets you upload music to extend now. Looks really cool, but is on the paid plan only. You’re not supposed to use copyrighted music but …