AI to learn Chinese - ChatGPT

You can type mandarin and it will respond
I need a dictionary
ChatGPT is a good start

I’m looking forward to an AI chatbot that does speech to text so I can have a free chat teacher

Using Poe app. Tried Assistant, Claude, and chatgpt. This is the kind of shit I get

In other words, made it up. Hallucinating.


So we can use chapltgpt to infiltrate the digital wall that is China and get messages through this way?

USA: wasn’t us, it was AI.


It tried to bullshit its way out of making a wrong answer, ChatGPT is just like a human and so amazing man!


Surely someone is working on a conversational AI language exchange/tutor app. I tried some and they ere either all text-based (not voice) or were garbage.

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Memrise added a chat feature, which has text conversations and you can do text to speech. But they also deleted the thousands of “community courses” that people had made (without warning) and the chat feature is powered by ChatGPT

Maybe they didn’t delete them but used them for training their AI.

GPT3 even.

I tried asking GPT4 to practice with me, but it wasn’t very practical. Surprisingly when I asked it to speak slower, it did, but it can’t really detect pronunciation issues, and you have to guide it too much. Maybe I didn’t try enough though.

An ideal one would stick to your skill level, learn what you have issues with, catch errors you make and correct you, etc etc

Google, Apple etc. People even pay for that Spyware in their own homes :wink: