Air conditioners can explode and kill you?!?!

That’s pretty damn scary – I’ve never heard of air conditioners exploding and killing people before.

well, who would have thought it possible?

Mind you, it works much better with a little bit of added hydrogen peroxide, starch and magnesium powder, and a detonator.

“Oh yes sir, that one is our Al Qeada model…never used on fridays.”

Back in my day, we used to lay air conditioners in the field. Worked better than landmines. There’s still millions of abandoned AC units out there. They could hurt, if not kill children. Dangerous stuff, them AC units. Nothing worse than a quick gush of cold wind to greet your death.

Don’t get me started on de-humidifiers, suck the lifeblood out of you, they will. Damn dirty units.

[quote=“Jack Burton”]Nothing worse than a quick gush of cold wind to greet your death.


The Koreans have known this about electric fans for years.

Yes Fluffy is correct.

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:laughing: :bravo: Great link, Funk500! I’d never heard of that one. Here we get the microwaved crotch problem, of course.

And here are some more exploding AC units: … ndex.shtml … 722872.htm … an_ai.html … 36491&HC=1 … gross.html

Yes Fluffy is correct.

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The other night, my gf put a fan near my face when I was sleeping, and it tried to steal my soul.

Little did it know that my phonecam already has my soul.

…and if the phone rings, don’t answer it.

Especially the cost in the summer gouging season.
I just got my bill today.

Yes Fluffy is correct.

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:roflmao: You think that maybe this is because your voices changes when youtalk into a fan? Summoning the devil?