Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading

Did you not see the map?

Shiiiieet was that pollution??!! I thought it was fog


I went past Elephant mountain today and could barely see Taipei 101. Incredibly hazy / smoggy today.

When the taifun came the whole island got green <50 AQI.
Shortly after it moved north and pulled out the pollution out of China and it jumped over 150 AQI. Now it is going down slowly.

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Yeah China is some filthy muthficka of a place. Just look at it. A billion people stewing in their own crap. And farting it over at us.

Not that Taiwan would be any better if it had a billion people. Possibly worse ! :grin:

Fog doesn’t taste like that

i rode up a mountain and saw the whole view of taipei…with a layer of pollution hovering over it. i would offer you to do the same thing but i’m pretty sure you would even disagree with your own eyes. taiwan namba wan!

Pretty ordinary out there today. Maybe should invest in one of these zogmasks, had a spot of asthma last night for the first time in years…

Africa has a lack of data. In the report linked above, only a handful of cities have enough data to be included in the index of ‘cleanest’ and ‘polluted’.

Can you not see the screenshot I posted? It’s clear that this wave is from outside of the border.

sorry mate but the source known as ‘gains stats’ is something i can’t take seriously anymore after your many many offenses.

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Bad allergies today…urggh

Does running an air purifier in the house with windows ajar actually improve things do you think? Or is this some sort of electronic placebo?

I think they can help to remove fine particles , but leaving a window open may compromise the efficacy ? I have mine running all the time but on low power.

Yeah I suppose I really need to actually quantify the fine particles in my place to know how that compromise pans out. Other than using the BS ppm readouts on these purifiers which I think we established on this thread are pretty rough.

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154 air quality reading in Taipei today. Thats the worst I have ever seen in Taipei.

Oh shut the f up. It’s an app everyone’s using. :roll_eyes:

Big dump from China.

I think this was last week !

I wrote a bot that will pull data on air quality in my area 3x a day and alert us in our family group in Line messenger if AQI is over 100.

It is usually pretty quiet, but last week was constant alerts.


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