Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


This one seems to be working better .
You will see the pop up where they state that the sensor readings will differ to govt sites due to differing technology.


Thanks for that - good that they have finer levels of color, with for example AQI of 49 and 5 not just being the same shade.


It’s bonkers. I see people hiking alone and they wear a mask. What’s that about? Not spreading germs to the birds.

“Hiding from the sin”…nice Freudian slip.


You can toggle between PM2.5 and AQI. I assume they use the same AQI equation as the EPA.

For PM2.5 I recall the target is to get below 35ug/m3 (35ppm). The govt take a daily average for their stats and they will average it across a whole district and even county.

Now I recall that anything above 10ppm is still supposed to be bad for you. But even western cities struggle with that.

I like to read PM2.5 ug/m3, the base data, because there are different AQI indices worldwide (they can put more emphasis on different pollutants or set the cutoffs lower or higher).
Until a few years they didn’t even include PM2.5 in the AQI so you can know the games they were playing.
The classic in Taiwan being when they say something is moderate when it should just say BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.







Guess I won’t be going to San Juan for my holidays this year.



Or Delta, Colorado


See Taiwan ain’t so baaaad!!


I assume you forgot your “/s”, but those are obviously glitches or something wrong in the reading/sensors. No way it spikes like that from 17 to 830 in an hour.


For some reason, Guting’s status is always worse than the other stations in the greater Taipei area. My guess is the sensor is placed right next to a pollution source like a bus stop or restaurant’s kitchen.


I think they usually put them in schools or govt owned land with the other meteorological equipment . Not absolutely sure though . It’s an interesting question .


If a map is correct, it’s placed near the exit of a tunnel. So fumes could be concentrated. Or ???


The tunnel is in the middle of Xinhai Rd., but the air station’s exact location (if the map is correct) seems to be inside Guting elementery school, just as Brianjones surmised. That’s actually a good distance from Guting MRT, which is where most people assume Guting is.


Doubly worrying then as the kids are getting hit with a bad dose of pollution at the intersections.
That’s a very nice school otherwise.


Does any know if wearing facial mask is effective and can anyone recommend a particular brand.


I use this one. Brand doesn’t matter but should be N95 rated. There is more info here if search face mask.


Thanks Tango!


If you’re going for pollution filtering masks, you should get P95, not N95. P95 Filters petroleum based pollutants, N95 only does non petroleum based particles.