Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading


This afternoon in Kaoshiung, nice clean dry air for a change.


Yes, it’s amazing. The air actually smelled like air!


I see your point @Whatevah, a different spread in particulates here as opposed to Bangkok, if you like. I wonder if the converters used here in manufacturing plants could favour for a particular spread in particulates? I.e perhaps in general the post processing of factory smoke here eliminates the finer particulates captured by the ppm reported metric, at the expense of letting out the sootier haze causing particulates. Wild speculation here… happy for someone with facts to shoot it down.


Air is really good today! Go out and exercise!


Northern Privilege.


Which really surprises me, with all the firecrackers and incense for opening day after CNY.


Has anyone noticed tents set up different places on the sidewalk? Will start burning things today and tomorrow.


ag fuck man, basically the calm before the storm.


I see all these people wearing masks today and I wonder if they have any clue about the air quality. The air quality in Taipei today is abnormally some of the best ever.


They’re wearing masks because they catched a cold during CNY.


They wear masks because they are antisocial and want to hide from the world.
And some of them are afraid of catching colds on overcrowded trains.
And some of them have colds.
And some of them think it feels warmer.


Breathe as much as you can while it lasts!


It’s obvious that people don’t wear masks because of pollution. Apparently I’ve been mistaken.


And you know you’ve been here too long when you think they look sexy on some people.


this one is legit. i had to get the train early last year, mega sardine tin crowded and disgusting. i caught a cold often in that time.


People have different reasons. Some people get off the MRT and put their mask on as they’re reaching the outside either for pollution or to protect from sunshine or some other reason.


Pollution is another one sure and also scooter riders.
Hiding from the sin, didn’t think of it but certainly I can bekieve.

It’s pretty crazy how many people wear masks though. To me it creates a barrier, I cant really communicate with people wearing those things.


What is the most accurate link for a site that shows the real unvarnished air pollution conditions in Taipei? A service that measures PMI etc etc using the same standards as the US or Canada. I am suspicious of the official Taiwan government sites. Please kindly post the link here to an objective site that tells the ugly truth if someone has the time.


I always use the site below, which I’m sure has been linked to above. I’m unaware of other sources, nor do I know where the data come from, but for me it’s a more useful source than the newer system Canada uses. Thus far I’ve had no reason to mistrust the figures for Taiwan.


There may not be any better quality data than the government source I’m afraid.

However there is a comprehensive network of private pollution monitors all over Taiwan. It’s a bit buggy at the moment for me.

With the edimax and lass airbox.

These possibly won’t be calibrated or as standardised like the govt ones, they do have a much larger number of sites though (the govt sites may be calibrated to consistently give LOW results in some places, I don’t know that for sure but I have seen them play games with the data over the years, the EPA individual performance annual ratings mean they have an incentive to show pollution dropping every year )