Air pollution levels in Taiwan - grim reading

If you have time some evening, this is well worth watching. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in recent years, and even folks who are familiar with the environmental movement in Taiwan will find new things to learn.



90% of thr anti nuke folks. just jumped on the bandwagon without really thinking of the alternatives here and what was the real threat to our health.


I looked up those extensions , I think they are gas powered not coal. They seem to have problems with getting basic facts right at TT.

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If it’s gas powered, that is indeed what Tsai said she would do to bridge the gap from nuclear phase out to ramping up renewable sources of energy.

And if it’s coal . . . :rant:


Gas isn’t pollution free either, especially given the size of those plants extensions. Better than coal, yes.

We’re still stuck with the carbon problem that’s for sure.

The compromise is that it promises to reduce, if only a bit, the spreading of particles in the air—and also to take some of the pressure off central Taiwan, which has suffered disproportionately with its massive coal burning plant.


Not only carbon, sulphates, pm2.5 too.

What’s your take on how gas plants compare to coal?


Just what I read on google. The size of those plants is not small, they doubled capacity too in Miaoli to 3.7 GW! So they have increased air pollution with this, it’s just not coal.

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Well well well. Look at that. Seems like Taipei has cleaner air than most of Europe in 2022. A hard dose of reality for the ill-informed, lol.

The thread is about Taiwan. I’m not sure anyone here has said Taipei has worse air than most European capitals. Please, quote someone if your post has any merit. Otherwise, I hope you can accept the hard dose of reality that this information doesn’t disprove most if any of our opinions.

I see Kaohsiung isn’t there. The last capital city on that list I lived in was Ottawa, can you see it there? I can

What does it mean population weighted?

Good point and only PM 2.5. So if the ranking was based on all air pollutants and not adjusted for population, it would look very different

It was almost useful for disproving a point nobody made, until it wasnt :smile:


Even better. Most of the cities with less pollution are basically empty.

I see people here complaining about air pollution in Taipei all the time.

PM 2.5 is the main source of pollution.

And why we shouldn’t?

Taipei doesn’t have a terrible air for a big city, but it could be better. So why not ask for it? Is it unreasonable to ask for more in case of higher pollution events? Is it “stay at home if you’re sensible” or “wear a mask” good enough?

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Scooters emit larger particles than cars don’t they? If that is true this study, which focusses on PM 2.5 will bias against cities with higher car usage, and prop up scooter cities a bit.

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Taipei green? Idk how they managed to fake the number down. Maybe putting a lot of station up in the mountains where still considered Taipei? I lived on some of those cities with worse “air” than Taipei. So we have the same air than Tokyo? Really?


Besides, very polluted cities in this ranking are all scooter cities.

I definitely wish Kaohsiung had air quality more like Taipei

Taipei City appears to have seven stations. Second link. Photos of the actual stations are in the first link.