Air Supply in Taiwan (December 9, 2023)

Any other AirHeads out there? Tonnes of Taiwanese, I know (very loyal, mutually, Air Supply loves Taiwan). I’m Super pumped! (seriously). They’re both in their early 70s now, but still rockin’. Younger than Rod Sterwart too!

I thought the time I saw them in 2008 was the last chance I’d get :cry:. Well, I found too late to get a great seat, but there are still tickets available.

I have no idea why they’re so popular in Taiwan. I assume it’s because they toured here when few other bands did.

I can’t live, if living is without you. I’m not knocking it.


My friend mocks me frequently regarding my loyalty to Air Supply. It’s quite simple, I grew up poor and we had only a few cassettes. For some reason, years later, nostalgia said in and I started to appreciate the lyrical beauty of Air Supply.

Ask for the loyalty here, they have toured in Taiwan so many times. Probably more than any other band.

In 2008, their album “Across The Concrete Sky” was announced. They claimed (and I believe them) that this was inspired by their experiences in Taiwan (mostly Taipei, I recall). I was at the concert where they played songs from this record for the some of the first times. The audience, although they were probably expecting a lot of the more classics, were still enthrall by their performance.


I guess they’re good for karaoke, which might also explain their popularity.

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Did any other Forumosans attend? I was in awe of just how much they still rock at that age 73 and 74. It was also interesting to see quite a range in the ages of attendees. There were a couple of preteen fans that were singing along, some university age kids and plenty of young adults. Of course, there were some that would have been teens if they attended Air Supply’s first Taipei concert 40 years ago. I was still in Kindergarten at that time, haha, but had been exposed to their music by my parents.