✈ Air Travel | Good travel agent for discounted plane tickets?

I’ve seen a couple people in past threads mention they had travel agents who actually were able to get them tickets cheaper than booking through the airline online. Could anyone recommend one?

Even an agent who could simply get me the same price as the airline website, would be fine too. I’m leaving Taiwan for awhile and have a lot of Taiwan dollars. Better for me to buy stuff locally using cash than lose a certain percentage of my money when doing the currency exchange.

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@Icon do you have any recommendations?

In my experience, individual travel agents (not the ones chasing group tours) are an endangered species. I was particular upset when I lost an excellent Cathay Pacific agent.


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I’m in the same pickle. Truly, Lion Travel Banciao has been kind to me but independents were killed by the plague. :sob:


The OP could roll up to a Lion Travel (there’s a branch on the ground floor of Taipei Main Station, in the main hall) and see what they can do.

For other specific requests (getting particular fare classes, for example, to travel to Japan) I’ve used JTB on Zhongshan North Road, a professional outfit but not known for discounting, as that is not their strength.



Best rate is to wire the funds from a bank in Taiwan to your account overseas. Nobody takes cash in large amounts. Unfortunately right now the NT$ is weak against the US$ and some other currencies. Or should we say the US$ is very strong against most currencies right now.

Wouldn’t asking a bank to wire it to my home account end up being more expensive? There would be a fee for the international wire transfer in addition to the currency exchange fee. my home currency is USD but I was planning to exchange for THB because that’s where I’m headed next

No. Unless you only have a very small amount which wont make much of a difference. Banks here have excellent exchange rates and charge a flat fee of NT$350 - NT$400 for a telegraphic transfer. There maybe fees from your receiving bank. The best way to send funds and get the most funds is from a T/T.

No point in buying cash as the cash rates give you far less money than a T/T. Thai Baht is also weak to the US$ and NT$ as well. Also note there is a difference between the buy and sell rate.

Also you need to understand the laws of how much cash you can have and over a certain amount it has to be declared or your cash can be confiscated by customs.

Or you can just withdraw from your Taiwan ATM card in Thailand.

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I’ve always had a thing for booking cheap flights, and I just get an absolute kick out of travel planning. Just this morning, I started a Fiverr to help people find the absolute cheapest tickets for their trip + dates that are available online (or your money back). If you’re interested, feel free to give me a shot here.

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