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Has anyone gone to Sarawak, Sabah and or Singapore on Air Asia or Scoot recently?

2 adults, no vaccine. checking the government site it seems there are no more restrictions.

I wonder a little about Sarawak and that area as they sometimes have different rules from Peninsular Malaysia.


Singapore gov site says after february all covid border measures are cancelled. Less worried about there.

but the airlines also worry me. air asia has a habit of being pretty terrible at times.


they have an asterisk at the bottom stating:
“* Kindly note that travellers may be asked to display their vaccine certificate prior to boarding, subject to airline requirements”

Are they not allowing unvaccinated people on their planes? they are our biggest concern.

We are planning Taipei > Sabah > Sarawak > Singapore > taipei

Appreciate any knowledge on the current status with said place and companies. we havent left Taiwan for 6 years or something, so a little nervous about getting gypped on our tickets.

I just went to Singapore, by Scoot, at the beginning of the month. I wasn’t asked for any kind of paperwork.


Singapore different airline, no asking. Most countries got rid of these restrictions and hoops already

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Do airlines even care about this anymore? It’s no longer 2021.

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Air asia makes mention if it, so I guess so.

"* Kindly note that travellers may be asked to display their vaccine certificate prior to boarding, subject to airline requirements”

my main worry now is more with that airline as they often tend to basically charge for breathing and refunds are hit or miss if they mess up.

Still no answer back. didn’t find anything on their website concrete until I went to buy tickets.

Guess this is the straw that broke the camel’s back regarding flying air asia :frowning:

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Airlines very much care about NOT flying in inadmissable persons as they are liable if they mess up.

No idea however about the specifics for Malaysia and Singapore . . .


Forget Air Asia and their dumb policy, just pay up and fly a real airline. Maybe they should focus on safety instead? They’ve crashed as recently as 2014 you know.

Ya, they are a pretty trashy airline. that’s why this is why it’s the last straw for me. we are making 6 flights total, which is why we wanted them, easier to fly within on short local flights. now we will spend another 6 hours replanning flight companies and routes.

wish their warning was on the homepage or they replied to emails, could have saved lots of time.

@afterspivak after Malaysia and Singapore have no discrimination about covid anymore, unless you are actually infected. I am curious how/if airlines are liable if the governments themselves gave up already. So there is not really anything to mess up.

Just sharing whatever relevant info I can. This is for travel during CNY, Jan/Feb. Not once were we asked to provide our vax cards to any airline or border agent.

Flew AirAsia three times, including a flight to Penang (so not East Malaysia) FROM Thailand, which is important to note because at the time, Thailand was on the Covid good list for Malaysia.

The only Covid related requirement we faced, aside from mask-wearing, was having to fill out online forms for boarding our flights to Manila. And iirc we had to show those QR codes also upon arrival at MNL. And also iirc those forms had to state we were vaxxed.

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“Mess up” how? There’s no COVID free countries anymore. The plague is everywhere. Most places, including Taiwan, have stopped keeping track of infections.

I think he means legally. Even though COVID is everywhere, there are some countries that haven’t gotten around to completely dropping their rules. Airlines still have to follow the rules and flying someone back is expensive and they will do whatever they can to ensure that only people allowed to get into the country are on the aeroplane.

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Indeed, probably what he means. but it would be interesting if they still did this when the countries have no restrictions anymore.

Still trying to get a confirmation from a human with AirAsia in case the website just hasn’t been updated. They are harder to get ahold of (in writing) than paypal!

There does not seem to be a general AirAsia thread, so I will post this here.

Starting May 31, AirAsia X will be starting a Taoyuan - Narita route daily, hoping to tap into the Japan travel bonanza.

Additional flights connecting Taoyuan and Okinawa and Kaohsiung and Narita will be launched on June 15 and June 16, respectively.

I’ve not a fan of this airline (I’ve never used them) but I repect them for leaning into their fifth-freedom rights, extending existing routes to include Japan. (Cathay has done this for years with its HKG-TPE-NRT route, among other routes).

Source: https://focustaiwan.tw/business/202403190021


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AirAsia is one word.

I’ve had great success with them over the years and never hesitate as a good choice around Asia less than 5 hours.

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Am I correct in assuming then that “AirAsia X” is the subsidiary operated by Elon Musk? :upside_down_face:


Not really following anymore because it seems regulators seem to have calmed down their panic status. We flew September 2023 on a couple airlines. Basically:

Flights taken

Taipei > Kuala Lumpur > Phuket > Kuala Lumpur > Palau Tioman > Kuala Lumpur… Bus trip south… Singapore > Taipei.

3 people, taiwanese and canandian passports without a hitch. We did, however, absolutely make sure we had actual confirmation vaccinations weren’t necessary for travel. With both immigration of each country, and each airline. Air Asia was the most douchey of the bunch making it hard to get any answers. It took over a month th to get a final yes or no. Which seems par for the course on that airline.

Singapore was the usual nuisance and idiocy, but nothing regarding covid or virus fears.

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Flown them many times and never really had any issues with them. Only once, and it was entirely our own doing, that we were late to check in and we had to skip the flight and buy an entirely new ticket on their airline for the following day. Not their fault at all but with another airline things likely would have turned out more favorably. We got zero credit towards another flight. We were at the checkin counter 60 min before the flight and the cutoff is 60 min (the agents tried to help us but when the computer shut them down there was nothing they could do…literal seconds) and we couldn’t even pay for carryon instead since the bags were too large to carryon with AirAsia. With a US legacy airline they were fine…

Anyway, all that said, had we been on time that wouldn’t have happened, and I’ve probably flown them over a dozen times without issue. I am happy to see the NRT and OKA flights starting.

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I’m quite sure I’ve been late with AirAsia once before (actually late I mean, like after the cutoff) and they were accommodating and let us on the flight anyway.

I might have done it twice actually. I’m pretty charming though (offline :whistle:).