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Does anyone know of any airlines that fly out of Taiwan that offer unlimited rescheduling flexible tickets? Like the ability to update the flight date and time as many times as you’d like with no fee other than the more expensive initial flexible ticket

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Singapore Airlines has economy flex which offers free changes, but it doesn’t say if there is a limit and I can’t find a way to contact their support :frowning:

No limit on flex fares, fare difference applies to each change. No change fee.

But IMHO Malaysia Airlines fare offering is better as they offer a flexible fare choice on all ‘price points’ (booking classes) and it doesn’t cost much more. Their flex fare also includes priority check in, baggage and boarding as well as increased luggage allowance

Qantas, China Airlines, Eva Air their flex fares are way too over priced.

Cathay Pacific has a decently priced flex fare from memory too

It is impossible to book a ticket that will not charge the fare difference so if you need to make changes you need to be flexible with the date you change too in order for it to be free

-I’m a travel agent, travel agents are generally much easier to contact than airline customer support. But often hard to find a good one


You are amazing. Thank you!

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No worries :slight_smile:

Actually there is a sort of limit but not on the number of changes, the trip would beed to be completed within 1 year of the day you originally purchased the ticket.

But this generally isn’t a problem for most people

I work in corporate travel and in Australia so they’re all Qantas obsessed. I could have missed some airlines. That and I can’t remember everything :sweat_smile:

There are likely airlines that don’t fly to Australia that have decent options too. Turkish Airlines, British airways and KLM/Air France are probably worth looking at.

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I suppose after one year you could pay a small fee to cancel the ticket too, right?

Depends on the airline and the country you purchase the ticket in.

In Australia the rules are

Malaysia Airlines flex fare is fully refundable too so you could just refund it then rebook.

Singapore Airlines I believe is a $125AUD refund fee

Cathay Pacific I think also charge a fee similar to Singapore Airlines

Qantas also Charge a fee I think $250.

Pretty sure Malaysia Airlines rules are fixed globally but would just be in a different currency

American Airlines and Lufthansa group offer flexible fares that are non-refundable though so tread carefully if you think cancelling completely might happen

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Hello everyone, I want to ask where to have how to get primary flight tickets or ticket itinerary in Taiwan?
In my country some travel agents provide real flight ticket with small fees and you can pay the full price after the visa acceptable, I don’t know about the situation here? I here also that most embassies accept the flight ticket itinerary that you can get online not the real ticket- I will apply for the mainland china visa through Hong Kong visa office- I am not sure if this really work? Thank you in advance

You need a confirmed reservation, not a ticket. They are not the same thing.

All travel agents world wide can make a reservation for free but retail agents don’t like to because retail travel customers just take these reservations and book it themselves online. Nobody likes to work for free.

Airlines also fine travel agents for wasted inventory so it is a big risk for fickle retail clients.

You could also call an airline to make a reservation without paying. But Airlines try to cut costs by forcing everyone to purchase immediately and do not advertise that this is possible.

Reservations are auto-cancelled by airlines if you do not pay for the ticket by the time limit. Time limits vary from a few hours to a week before travel to an hour before travel depending on a variety of factors.

It was much more common during the time of paper tickets. It is still very common in the corporate travel space.

I made a reservation for a business class round the world trip involving 4 airlines for 3 people 2 months ago. Their trip is still confirmed, they haven’t paid or purchased a ticket yet. They have changed their dates and destinations several times without having to pay anything while their reservations are still all confirmed