✈ Airlines | AirAsia begins direct flights Taipei and Chiang Mai

Hideous flight times. Leave Taipei at 2.30 am, arrive back at 2 am.

Advantages: no traffic, no need to ask for days off at the office.

Has anyone filed with air Asia? They have so many cheap flights here in Malaysia all over SE Asia.

I once filed with Air Asia to Singapore and back. They’re not bad if you are small and have no legs.


I’ve flown AirAsia many times. Basic services but seats and staff are good. Short flights around Asia anyway.

I even like the Night-Time flights 1 not wasting daylight hours travelling and 2 avoiding traffic when hitting the big cities.

Just have to prepare your plans and hotels to match.

Fly Friday night, fly back Sunday night. Go to the office having missed two nights of sleep.

On the plus side, it is Chiang Mai.

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The Taipei-Chiang Mai route is coming back, starting December 15.



China Airlines joins the party, currently using an Airbus A321neo for its flights to and from Chiang Mai.



I wish there were Taiwan-Krabi flights. Slim chance though because I don’t think Taiwanese knows much about Krabi yet. Apologies for being off topic.

Is there even a Taiwan-Phuket flight now?

According to Google flights… NO!
So maybe we need to start with that

China Airlines used to but not for going on 10 years I guess.

I took that once. Typical China Airlines ex-Air Force pilot must have been close to missing his take-off slot, so we taxied out at an unreasonable speed, and he hit the burners while we were half way through our turn onto the runway (alongside a big fence, I distinctly recall). Felt like we actually lifted the inside wheel as we made it onto the runway!

that was a convenient flight. i hope they bring that back soon (and one from Okinawa to Phuket or Krabi would be great too).

Back on topic: I have frequently taken AirAsia, and they are fine for short local flights if you’re not a big person and have minimal luggage. and don’t like to eat airline food anyway. and have your own entertainment system. Just a typical LCC.


If you fly with Thai AirAsia, should be good. There are also the most one-time airline in Thailand.

Indonesia AirAsia, not so sure. AirAsia (the original from Malaysia) is not bad either.